wiper products


BOSCH, Eco plus model

Rubber wiper coated with graphite

- Reduces friction and noise during operation. Wiper frame made from steel

- Specialty coatings make steel more resistant to corrosion and UV radiation.

BOSCH, Aerofit model

Evodium spring structure technology

- Distribute pressure consistently for good visibility in all weather conditions. Designed according to primary aerodynamic.

- With a circulation of more air. It is intimately contact and reduce the lift of the wiper blade making it possible to work more quickly. New synthetic rubber.

- Reducing noise and friction. The performance of the wiper: more smooth and easy.

BOSCH, Aerotwin model

Evodium spring make more precision of wipe

- Allows the wiper blade shape contours of the front windshield.

- Pressure is distributed evenly throughout the length of the windshield in order to be fully contact with windshield surface.

- Eye-catching with unstructured design.