Shock up Products

Kind of shock absorber divided according to working by two systems.


This type of shock absorber use oil hydraulic actuator causes a viscosity. While working, oil will flow through the valve within the piston stroke. Absorber piston within the cylinder is moved to the bottom of the cylinder. Oil at spaces under piston has high pressure up which will absorb on the hit while shock absorber collapse. The amount of oil at the piston moves will create pressure to flow through the control valve collapse below to oil reservoir in the same amount of oil. During shock absorbers stretch up, oil will transfer from oil reservoir through the valves controlling the collapse. The quantity of oil through the bottom valve of the cylinder piston shock absorber to the availability same amount equal to the stroke of the shock absorber. Some oil will flow back through the piston down to the bottom room. The oil shock absorber would be perfect for smoother and better grip.


This type of shock absorber collaborates during nitrogen gas and hydraulic oil. The working principle is that when a shock absorber was the vibration from the road surface, piston of shock absorber moves down to the bottom of the cylinder cause hydraulic oil is contained within the cylinder oil flow through the valve up to the room above. And the oil flow through the valve into the oil reserves. Meanwhile, the oil in the oil reserves will be compressed nitrogen gas pressure, and then the gas pressure will push oil, hydraulic oil reserves beneath the chamber back into its original cylinder. Gas shock absorber is feature to reduce air bubbles in the oil. As a result, the performance of the shock absorber responds quickly and consistently. It also release the heat better, making piston inside the shock absorber cylinder can work longer.