Time to check up Alloy Wheels!

Using aluminum alloy wheels
1. Should choose the type and size of the wheel appropriate with standards and use of vehicles.
2. Do not exceed the maximum load of the weight of the wheels as required.
3. For safety use, drivers should not exceed the maximum speed limit of the tire as prescribed.
4. For lifetime longer wheels, regularly check and take care of the wheel including always checking the tire pressures.
5. Select the wheel of certified standards from an institution or association vehicles test.
6. Should choose the width of the tire right on the alloy wheel itself.
7. Should choose the offset of the wheel right on the vehicle itself.
8. Should use the wheel with the same type and size in all axle positions. Using different types of the wheel on the same axle or different axles will affect driving performance severely. Including stability and braking because the features is different.

Currently, the manufacturers have products aluminum alloy wheel to market with efficiency and excellent quality. If user does not take care of the wheel correctly, it was not the full performance of the wheel and damage prematurely. The wheels will provide benefits for all aspects to fully depend on the use of wheel properly as well.
1. Check the tire pressure and the correct tire pressure on a regular basis at the rate specified when the tires are cold. To reduce accidents and prolong the lifespan of aluminum alloy wheel and tires last longer.
2. To prevent air leaks at valves, replace the valve and valve core each time you change aluminum alloy wheel and new tires. And there should be a cap on the valve all the time.
3. In the case car wash, do not use chemicals affect the skin color of the wheels. Should be used to wash cars the same type of instruments and solution to wash the car.

Should do the following
1. Prevent objects or objects that can damage the wheel.
2. Prevent water moist from storage area of the wheel.
3. Avoid keeping the wheel in a direct sunlight.
4. Prevent oil to contact the wheel
5. Keep the wheel away from heat or sparks.
6. Clearly classification of the wheel for ease of handling and move.

Warnings in assembling aluminum alloy wheel with tires and cars.
1. Check condition of the wheel and components parts to be in perfect condition for ready to use.
2. In the case that the wheel had been used. Pre-assembled with the tire should be inspected integrity of the wheel. Clean wheel inside and outside the wheel with water and wipe dry.
3. Check the flange of the wheel and flange hub of the car in perfect condition ready before assembling the wheel to the car at all times.
4. Use lubricants every time you remove or attach the wheel and the tire.
5. While The wheel assembly to the vehicle should use a torque screw at 9-10 kg.m. in order not to damage the wheel and bolts of the car.
6. Should tighten the wheel screw to the vehicle diagonal to balance the wheel flange to flange of the vehicle.
7. Do not use the wheel bolster (Spacers) to avoid damage to the wheel and the car.
8. Stalling the wheel every time you remove or attach the wheel and tire and alignment.
9. Tire and The wheel that was right size when combined with the vehicle must not contact with any parts of the car body.
10. After the assembly of the wheel and tires to the car, double-check that the wheels protrude outside the fender or not.
11. Check for leaks after assembly of the tires at all times.