Time to check up Break system!

When we should be replacing the brake pads?
• When brake pads have a thickness of less than 4 mm. And claw brake pads are less than 1 mm.
• When brake pads have the oil or grease on it unusual.
• Immediately, when found the cracks on the brake discs or claw brake
• Every 25,000 km depending on the style of driving and the brakes. If a heavy load and high speed driving, age of brake pads may be shorter.
• Brake noise similar to scuffing or friction steel, may be caused by clip scuffing against brake disc
• Vibration at the steering while braking gently tap is caused by plate thickness is not uniform.
• When brake and the car have been rounded out caused by the brakes do not work as well as four wheels. The cause of the actions of brake, proportional pressure valve or a leak in improper braking system.
• Run out brake pads faster, hold the brake, brake stuck, sound without brakes. The car hard to moved, frequent needs to change brake pads, due to brake pistons and seals have a problem. It cannot slacken off the brake automatically.