Time to check up lubricator!!

Knowledge about changing the engine oil.
Currently, proper time interval to change the engine oil such as 5,000 7,000 10,000 15,000 km. is not a fix value. It’s estimate from new engine testing. This period may be shorter or longer time based on these factors, which is the leading cause of faster engine oil deterioration.
• Engine oil has contaminated, most of which is caused by engine operation itself.
• Car that lack of period maintenance such as 5,000 7,000 10,000 15,000 km.
• The wrong way drive, for example frequently accelerate accelerator, driving at high speeds for a long time, not warm the engine to heat the vehicle prior to use.
• Overload truck. Engine idling for a long time.
• Traffic jam. There are a lot of road dust such as unpaved roads

Recommendations of engine oil care
1. Typically, the engine oil level in the oil reservoirs should be between letter F (highest) to L (low). If a level lower than L, fill the engine oil same type and the models you used to. Then dip the engine oil dipstick and check again.
2. Change the engine oil and filter according to the specified period, for example, every 10,000 km. or every 6 months. And if it detects a dirty on filter should be change at the same time to provide engine oil the highest possible performance.
3. Check level of engine oil at least once a week and before long journeys