Run Flat

High class innovative for safety
As the world's leading tire manufacturer. Bridgestone has never stopped developing products in both performance and safety, and found that 80% of accidents happen with tires is associated with a loss of tire pressure gradually during use. Therefore, we are committed to designing tires at enable drive to safely and control the vehicle even when there is no tire pressure. RFT or RUN FLAT tires technology eliminates worries about the problems with flat tires. Enhance safety in driving than it is. There is also a new standard for safety technology as well.
What is RFT?

RFT or tires that can run even without tire pressure. Tire is qualified by the name literally. RFT tire can use when the tire has been leaks or until no pressure left inside. Opposed to typically tire, when a flat tire and tire pressure loss. You cannot support the weight of the car, it will be crushed and damaged If you try to drive the car further.
Safety tire
• RTF tire do not explode at high speed, driver can control the car and drive to a safe place when a loss of tire pressure.
• Do not risk an accident or if have to park on the street to change tire or in areas that do not secure
• Eliminating the need for a spare tire And make the area even more in the car.
• The vehicle with no spare tire has weight reduction, helping to save more fuel. And help the environment by reducing the use of natural resources in the production of 1 tire.
How RFT tire to work?
Tyre structure of RFT tire enables even without tire pressure. The structure has been specially designed to be strong. Maintains the shape of tire and the weight of the car. Even as the loss of tire pressure, it can also drive further.