Shock up

Time to check up Shock up system!

Notice how the shock absorber wrong and when should be changed.
1.Tires are irregular wear and tear characterized by tire wear is uneven stripes and waves. This makes the tire not contact with the road by full of tires. If this happens while cornering drive will cause the car is in danger of an accident.
2.Vibration car when the car ran over rough roads or running through seam the streets and semis.
3.Loss of balance while driving car, difficult car control, No grip the road. In case of wet road, driving with damaged shock absorbers makes risk of aquaplaning (Hydroplaning) while on the road is wet or rainy conditions.
4.When pressed car body and then released, car has unusual bounced 2-3 times without a single stop.
5.Stomach feeling dizzy when down the bridge with speed. The driver and passengers will feel stomach dizzy cause of the shortcomings of the shock that has bubble occurred within.
6.Car not runs smooth and caused severe shocks. Shock absorber cannot delay the stretch or collapse of spring
7.Shock absorber has leaking oil. Check the seal area if there is oil stained at core area or cylindrical shock absorbers show that there is leakage or a deterioration of shock absorber
8.Should be check up shock absorber every 20,000 km. In case of changing shock absorber must be replaced with a pair of such as front and rear for a more effective balance in the work of the shock absorber.