Time to check up Tiers!

Rubber Bridge is a small rubber ridge was lifted from the base of tread grooves.

    If the bridges tire tread worn down (Remaining tread depth of 1.6 mm) lets you change the tire immediately. If you continue to use such tires may cause harm
• Wheels alignment
    to make the various components related to the steering system, suspension systems, wheels and tires working relevance properly. This will make the car run straight; do not pull to the left or right. The setting will have the camber angle and caster angle based on each vehicle's hand set. Normally, checking wheel alignment should be checked every 4-6 months or every time you change a tire or whenever notice unusual tire wear. If so, turning system or the wheel alignment or suspension systems incorrectly can cause problems, irregular tire wear.
• Wheels balancing
    A process to determine the weight on the wheels both the inner and outer balance. The balance wheel may change from the driving conditions, such as nestling against the curb road, fell into a hole, or bumps on the material on the road. Wheels that are not balanced will cause the steering wheel to vibrate while driving and effectively decrease grip of the road. Good wheels balancing will help make driving a car with softness and tire worn down throughout the entire tire as well as extend the functionality of the springs and shock absorbers.
• The tire switch
    As an important way of tire maintenance. It helps maintain the properties of tire, especially in the front wheel will cause abnormal worn down of the tire easiest. Therefore, to extend the life of tires to long should rotate the tires every 7000-10000 km.
• A tires patch
    • Defective Tires because of nail or something sharp can repairs only part of the tire that touches the road; do not recap the tire at sidewall. Because of the sidewall is resilient at all times, the tires may crack or explode easily.
    • Tires that can patch repair should have a tread depth of at least 2 mm. and the width should not exceed 6 mm.
    • Do not patch over 2 times on the same tire.
    • Do not patch overlapping or superimposed on the original lesion.
• The maintenance of tires
    Check tire pressure at least once a month.